Saturday, August 13, 2016

SoundScaper / Presets demo

SoundScaper is an experimental sound mini lab for creating unusual soundscapes, atmospheric textures, drones, glitches and noises based on circuit bending principles.

This demo compiled from built-in oscillator presets in SoundScaper that you can use for your own soundscape ideas just only slightly changing and adding filters, delays and spatial mixer for more rich sounding.

[ More about SoundScaper ]

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

SoundScaper ver. 1.7 has been released!

SoundScaper is an experimental sound mini lab for creating unusual soundscapes, atmospheric textures, drones, glitches and noises based on circuit bending principles.

SoundScaper 1.7 application manual (PDF)

This update significantly expands functionality of oscillators which are the basis of sound generation in SoundScaper. With new oscillators you can experiment mangling the samples by using amplitude and frequency modulations, adding a natural dynamical noise and simulate any other failures by using degradation and unstable work of electronic circuits. All of it with addition of ready to use presets opens new space for constructing unique soundscapes and textures.

Demo of oscillator presets and creating new sounds:

What's new:

  • Ready-to-use oscillator presets.
  • New user interface of oscillator control panel.
  • Improved internal sound engine.
  • Amplitude modulation of output signal.
  • Sine and triangle waveforms of amplitude modulation.
  • Change PWM carrier frequency for more lofi effect.
  • Simulate degradation of PWM circuits / decrease bit depth.
  • Control of unstability of oscillator clock.
  • Three types of generated noise like the real circuits.
  • Additional control for level of noise.
  • Two range individual LFO for modulation of clock frequency.
  • Frequency modulation by output signal from other oscillators.
  • Added the mode when trigger waits end of sample playback.
  • Trigger can shift bits on address lines.
  • Reverse shift mode of bits on address lines.
  • Improved presets / samples list in the oscillator panel.
  • Button for preview sample in the list.
  • Added samples in built-in library.
  • Updated description of the application.
  • Description available as PDF on application site.
  • Several minor bugs have been fixed.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Alba Ecstasy - Radio Waves

Alba Ecstasy takes us deep on another space jam. He's using an assortment of fun gear on this track, with the drone provided by SoundScaper. This one takes a while to build up, but it sounds gorgeous with all the layers he introduces.

"Coming back from a one week exhausting trip, The Journey to the Edge of the Universe continues with Ep. 6 based on OP-1 - radio, SoundScaper - drone, Quadnic-Braids-Tides-Clouds - drone and sequence, microKorg - lead, Virus Ti2 - pads, Circuit - drumbs, bass, sequence."

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Upcoming update of SoundScaper app

The upcoming update of SoundScaper app will greatly expand the features of oscillator control. SoundScaper oscillators is basis of experiments with the sounds construction. With these additions you can create much more new, exciting and unexpected sounds and textures.

Among new features - enhanced noise control, different kinds of distortions based on simulations of unstable work of clock and pulse-width modulation modules, amplitude modulation, new possibilities of controls by the trigger, and even frequency modulation for the final mangling of samples.

And even more. This update will contain a lot of predefined oscillator presets with the most unusual sounds ready to use in your soundscapes.

More about SoundScaper - An experimental sound mini lab

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

SoundScaper ver. 1.6 has been released!

SoundScaper - An experimental sound mini lab ver 1.6 has been released.

This is a technical update that adds new and convenient features which already present in other app FieldScaper from Exciting Noise series bundle. At first, it is new additions to MIDI controls, support IAA transport, improved user interface. And second it is support Dropbox service and a lot of new samples in built-in library.

But the most interesting additions will be in the next two updates! These updates will give absolutely new experience of using SoundScaper not only for creating exciting soundscapes and textures but also for using prepared scenes for live performance. Stay tuned! :)

What's new in this update:

  • Added new samples in built-in library.
  • Supported Dropbox service for download / upload.
  • Supported IAA MIDI and transport controls.
  • List of MIDI controls divided by categories.
  • Direct, Pick-up and Scaling modes of MIDI faders.
  • Sending states of buttons and faders to MIDI controller.
  • Selecting 16 / 24 bits depth for internal recorder.
  • Added option "Open in" for send file to other application.
  • Added new options in application settings.
  • Improved user interface for setting and description.
  • Updated description of the application.
  • Several minor bugs have been fixed.

[ Complete description of SoundScaper 1.6 in one PDF file ]

Thursday, June 30, 2016

IPAD APP CAFE: I Am a Noisey Person!

In dealing with the title of today’s blog post, I am reporting on the results of an experiment I performed with DRC Polyphonic Synthesizer, AUM and FieldScaper. For the uninitiated, AUM is a utility app that allows you to use and mix several apps and effects. I have previously covered AUM in another post. Likewise, FieldScaper is a field recording/audio-mangling app, also covered by a previous post(feel free to look through the archives). New to the table is DRC polyphonic Synthesizer. DRC is a free app that models an analog polyphonic synth, utilizing two oscillators, a sub oscillator, ring modulation and noise. It has all the usual accoutrements (filter, envelope generator, et al) and an effects section. What’s interesting to note is that the delay and reverb on board can be modulated by an LFO. Because of this feature, I began my sonic brew.

Read more on >>> IPAD APP CAFE: I Am a Noisey Person!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Audio Mastering series apps

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